The Best Glamping Tent

The Best Glamping Tent

Types of Glamping Tents

Most Popular Types of Glamping Tents


Jumei Glamping – our glamping products brand

Clear-span tent for event, wedding and warehouse

Clear-span tent for wedding,event and warehouse with accessories

The clear-span tent is one of the most common types for weddings, events, and warehouses, etc. We provide it with lots of accessories including glass door, glass wall, ABS hard wall, electric roller door and so on. Learn more: Check our A-shape Tents.
Interior design and configuration of a glamping dome tent

Interior design and configuration of a 6M glamping dome tent

A typical interior and configuration of a 6M glamping dome tent of our projects for resorts and campsites. Including the panoramic window, skylight, solar exhaust fan, air conditioner, bathroom set, etc. Explore the interior design and furniture sets of our glamping dome tent.
Tools for cleaning a tent

How to Clean a Tent?

There are several ways you can clean your tent. The most common method is to unfold and expand the tent fabric and then clean it with a mop, brush, soft bumper, and/or high-pressure washer. Warning: The plastic surface of PVC tent fabrics can be scraped off from rough surfaces such as concrete mats, rocks, asphalt, and other hard surfaces. When unfolding and expanding your tent fabric, make sure you place it on soft materials, such as a drip or tarpaulin, to protect the PVC fabric. If this soft […]
5 Types of Clear Span Wedding Tents

5 Most Popular Types of Clear Span Wedding Tents

5 Types of Warehouse Tent

5 types of industrial warehouse tent


Amazing day and night at a glamping dome campsite

  Spent a amazing and fun day and night in a glamping dome holiday resort in Hebei, China Learn more about the resort.
Glamping Dome in the RV Park & Compsite

Revisit our glamping dome tent project at a road trip campsite

Revisit our glamping dome tent at a road trip and RV campsite located in Guangzhou, the South of China. There are 30 stargazing glamping dome tents suites were built near a hot spring resort. This resort is famous for its hot spring and sawanobori, i.e. river trekking or river tracing.
Interior look of a glamping dome tent

Jumei Glamping Dome Tent Sample

From outside to inside to discover a Jumei glamping dome tent. Explore our sample glamping dome tent’s interior design and furniture sets including the curtain, insulation lining, bed, skylight, solar exhaust fan, bathroom, air conditioner, etc.
How to build a 6M geodesic dome tent step by step

Install and build a 6M geodesic dome tent step by step

A setup and build instruction of a 6M geodesic dome tent or glamping dome tent step by step. Video Segments: 00:00 Start 00:15 Tools required 00:21 Door frame assembling 00:41 Positioning the anchor basket and base ring struts 01:02 Assembling the first-tier(layer) 01:58 Assembling the door frame with the tent frame 02:29 Assembling the second-tier(layer) 03:02 Assembling the top of the frame 03:54 Assembling the insulation lining 04:43 Installing the window frame 05:16 Assembling the outer fabric cover 06:05 Installing the door and lockset 07:32 Installing the window […]
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