Jumei offer stylish, high quality and luxurious Glamping Tents for Hotel, Resort, Glamping retreat, Farmstay, Staycation and AirBnb hosting.

In addition to the Glamping Dome Tent, we have developed a series of new Glamping Tent products (download our Glamping Products Catalogs in PDF below)for the different requirements of glamping resort, hotel and Airbnb house, and launched Jumei Glamping as Jumei Tent‘s new high-end glamping products brand.

Jumei Glamping is focused on developing, designing, and manufacturing high-end glamping tents and pods, including new glamping pods, safari tents, and safari lodge tents. All these glamping products provide more choices for your different glamping needs including leisure resort, campsite, and Airbnb glamping projects.

Looking for an escape in this winter to get away from your hustle and bustle life? If you want to surrender yourself to the life of luxury and lavishness during your next holiday vacation, then exquisitely, elegant resort glamping tent can be the best companion to assist you. No matter whatever style you choose from, you can rest assured that there’s enough luxury to go around, when glamping in an extremely stunning destination.

Glamping Tent Videos

We’ve made a lot of glamping tent videos on our glamping product samples, project showcases, glamping resort ideas, and building instructions that we hope will help you choose the glamping products you want.

Featured Glamping Products

Glamping Dome Tent

Glamping Dome Tent has an eye-catching and elegant look. It is easy to fully equipped with household facilities, appliances, kitchenware and can be easily installed everywhere to provide a unique, comfortable, and peaceful living experience. So it is widely used for glamping camping and hotel of the resort. The solid and safe structure, portable installation package, sufficient accessories make Glamping Dome Tent more and more popular these years.

Video of Premium Glamping Dome Sample Video of Glamping Dome Tent Sample

Safari Tent

Our Safari Tents uses steel and wood structure as the frame, with waterproof PVC as the top and canvas or Oxford fabric as sidewalls. It could give the tourists a kind of safari, luxurious and comfortable accommodation facilities when camping in deserts and wild parks.

Video of Safari Tent with Loft Sample
Video of Safari Tent with Bathroom Sample

Safari Lodge Tent

The Jumei Glamping has developed a sort of different styles of Safari Lodge Tents , including mono-peak, twin-peak, multi-peak safari lodge tents, providing you the beautiful and practical integrated high-end steel and aluminum glamping tents. These Safari Lodge Tents can be not only used as glamping accommodation houses, but also used as function and facility buildings, like restaurants, lobby, lodges, and so on. In addition, we can provide custom services for you.

Video of Safari Lodge Tent Sample

New Glamping Pod

We provide more than ten newly designed, new styles of Glamping Pods . Compared with traditional glamping pods, our glamping pods are full of cute, vivid, lovely, eye-catching, and futuristic senses, our glamping pods are equipped with sufficient interior configuration and will provide you unique and comfortable living experience and make your campsite chic all at once.
Video of Glamping Pod Sample

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