Wedding tents give you the best of both worlds: They offer the beauty of outdoor weddings, as well as shelter in case of strong sunlight or the occasional rainfall. They can be erected at all sorts of wedding venues, from backyards to beaches, and create an unique backdrop for your big day. It’s no wonder tented wedding receptions are one of the most popular celebration spaces for couples.

One of the most beloved aspects of wedding tents are that they're often totally customizable, unlike the interior decor of a ballroom or landscaping of a garden. You can make it what you want. A tent provides a blank canvas for flowers, lighting, table arrangements, and monogrammed dance floors. Plus, who doesn’t want to dance under the stars as you boogie into the night?

Though the options are practically endless for your decor, there are specific types of tents available to you, each toting a long list of logistics. And unless you’re hosting your reception in a venue you own, such as your parents’ property, the first order of business is to confirm that wedding reception tents are allowed. There may be strict specifications and permits for the tent that you’ll want to know before getting setting your heart on a specific style. Based on your location, you may also need to add important necessities, including a generator, air conditioning, heat lamps, and possibly even building a catering kitchen to serve your guests dinner. Providing bathrooms and flooring fall into this category too, so be sure you have room in your budget to accommodate these needs.

If this all sounds like a go and you’re ready to pitch the biggest party of your life, here is a primer on wedding tent styles to consider when designing the look and feel of your wedding.

Our many kinds of tents can be used for wedding for different usage including a-shape tent, geodesic dome tent, arcum tent and so on.

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