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Revisit our glamping dome tent project at a road trip campsite

Revisit our glamping dome tent at a road trip and RV campsite located in Guangzhou, the South of China. There are 30 stargazing glamping dome tents suites were built near a hot spring resort. This resort is famous for its hot spring and sawanobori, i.e. river trekking or river tracing.

Install and build a 6M geodesic dome tent step by step

A setup and build instruction of a 6M geodesic dome tent or glamping dome tent step by step. Video Segments: 00:00 Start 00:15 Tools required 00:21 Door frame assembling 00:41 Positioning the anchor basket and base ring struts 01:02 Assembling the first-tier(layer) 01:58 Assembling the door frame with the tent frame 02:29 Assembling the second-tier(layer) 03:02 Assembling the top of the frame 03:54 Assembling the insulation lining 04:43 Installing the window frame 05:16 Assembling the outer fabric cover 06:05 Installing the door and lockset 07:32 Installing the window […]

What is the geodesic dome tent

The geodesic dome tent is widely used in large-scale exhibitions, celebrations and outdoor activities. Its unique and beautiful shape and changeable tarpaulin design style make this product the first choice for high-end users who advocate high quality and show brand charm. Its advanced structural design makes the construction faster and at the same time more effectively improves the safety of the construction. It is easy to become an independent semi-permanent building. The mainframe of the geodesic dome tent is a special high-strength steel pipe, which is made of 6061 […]